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Cancer is the abnormal and uncontrolled cell growth in a person’s body. Cancerous, or malignant cells divide too quickly for your body to respond and fight off these cells. Cancer can manifest itself almost anywhere in the body, therefore symptoms vary depending on what type of cancer a person has developed.

All Cancer Posts

by our physicians

Canker Sore or Cancer?

By DuPage Medical Group Otolaryngology

Did you know that you can get cancer in your mouth or throat? Learn how to tell the difference between a pesky canker sore or something more serious.

Topics and Subtopics: Cancer & Ear, Nose, & Throat

Fight Colon Cancer Risk with 7 Healthy Habits

By Lara Hamilton RDN, CDE

The American Institute of Cancer Research estimates that 50% of U.S. colorectal cancers could be prevented by eating well, moving more and staying lean. Learn how simple lifestyle choices and preventive screenings may decrease your risk of colorectal cancer.

Topics and Subtopics: Cancer & Digestive Disorders

The Killer Tan: Dangers of Tanning

By DuPage Medical Group Dermatology

Before you step outside or get into a tanning bed, think again. That tan may actually kill you.

Topics and Subtopics: Cancer & Skin Health

9 Things To Make Your Chemotherapy Experience More Comfortable

By DMG Integrated Oncology Program

Read our list of items to bring to your next chemotherapy session to help ease your mind and keep you comfortable during treatment.

Topics and Subtopics: Cancer

Salvage Cryotherapy: A Second Chance When Prostate Cancer Comes Back

By Amit Patel, MD

Understand your options when it comes to recurring prostate cancer.

Topics and Subtopics: Cancer & Men's Health

How Do I Know if I Need a Colonoscopy?

By DuPage Medical Group Gastroenterology

Colonoscopies are your best defense against colorectal cancer. Make sure you know what preventive options are available and when the right age is to start focusing on your digestive health.

Topics and Subtopics: Cancer , Diagnostic Testing , Digestive Disorders , General Health & Health & Diet

Ways to Minimize Discomfort During A Mammogram

By Dr. Zimmermann

Learn a few tips & tricks for your next mammogram.

Topics and Subtopics: Cancer , Diagnostic Testing & Women's Health

Fact or Fiction: Male Breast Cancer

By Dr. Thimm

Breast cancer is predominantly thought of as a female disease, but can men get breast cancer too?

Topics and Subtopics: Cancer , Diagnostic Testing & Men's Health


By Dr. John Hamby

Fibroadenomas commonly occur in girls and women under the age of 30. Learn more about fibroadenomas and what they mean for your health.

Topics and Subtopics: Cancer & Women's Health

What Are Breast Calcifications?

By Dr. Thimm

Sometimes tiny spots can be found on your mammogram called calcifications. Learn more about breast calcifications.

Topics and Subtopics: Cancer & Women's Health

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