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Children's Health

A child’s well being and health is constantly evolving as he or she reaches different stages of development. It is often difficult to diagnose what is wrong with a child if they are unable to articulate their symptoms of an illness. Children’s health can range from developmental disorders, acne, allergies, or behavioral problems.

All Children's Health Posts

by our physicians

How To Tame Indoor Allergies

By DuPage Medical Group Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Learn about ways to reduce the amount of allergens in your home.

Topics and Subtopics: Allergies , Asthma , Children's Health , Men's Health & Women's Health

Kids & Screen Time

By DuPage Medical Group Pediatrics

Finding the right balance for your child and technology.

Topics and Subtopics: Children's Health , Fitness & Exercise & General Health

When Your Child Develops Impetigo

By Jennifer Lee, PA-C

Those red sores on your child’s face are contagious. Learn about impetigo: what it is, how it looks and how to treat it to prevent spreading this skin disease.

Topics and Subtopics: Children's Health & Skin Health

The Truth About Whooping Cough

By Dr. Boettcher

Whooping cough, or Pertussis, is extremely contagious and very prevalent in the community. Learn about the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of this highly contagious disease.

Topics and Subtopics: Children's Health & Infant Care

How much sleep does my child need?

By Dr. Boettcher

Children can develop good sleep habits and can overcome common sleep problems. View our infographic for guidance to help prevent and/or address common sleep issues that arise throughout parenting.

Topics and Subtopics: Children's Health , Infant Care & Sleep

When Nightmares Turn To Night Terrors

By DuPage Medical Group Sleep Medicine

Learn all about night terrors; what they are, why they occur and what you can do to stop them.

Topics and Subtopics: Children's Health & Sleep

Ways To Reduce the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

By Dr. Boettcher

Read on for important information to review and share with anyone who may help care for your infant. Education is key for reducing the risk of sleep-related causes of death in babies aged 0-12 months.

Topics and Subtopics: Children's Health , Infant Care & Pregnancy

Healthy Back-to-School Lunch Tips

By Lara Hamilton RDN, CDE

After a long relaxing summer, it is sometimes difficult to get back to the school year routine. To help get you back on track, follow our dietitian’s how-to guide for packing your child’s lunch.

Topics and Subtopics: Children's Health , Diabetes Care , General Health & Health & Diet

Taking Your Child's Temperature

By Dr. Murphy

It is always a good idea to get familiar with whichever type of thermometer you have so that you feel confident that you can correctly use it and trust its results. We recommend you try using it and consider having whoever else is caring for your child do the same.

Topics and Subtopics: Children's Health & Cold & Flu

Different Types of Coughs in Children

By Dr. Boettcher

Coughs are a common complaint of parents, particularly when the cough is keeping the parent up. Coughing can be caused by multiple things.

Topics and Subtopics: Children's Health & Infant Care

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