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DuPage Medical Group’s Cami Morgan Discusses the Benefits of Food Journals

September 11, 2008

morgan-cami-photo.JPGCami Morgan, a Dietitian and Diabetes Educator of the DuPage Medical Group in Hinsdale, was recently quoted in an article written for an online news site called the Norwich Bulletin. In the article, Cami discussed the benefits of keeping a daily food journal and tracking calorie intake.

“It makes you a more mindful eater. You think twice before taking that extra piece of cake because you know you’ll have to write it down, and you don’t want to see it on paper,” she said. “It’s a reality check, and the log helps you discover where you’re getting derailed.”

Ms. Morgan also gives tips for the food diary, including to update the list often and to keep a handy calorie list of the foods you eat most. This way, she says the list will not only be easier to track, but also more accurate, helping to understand your personal cravings and ultimately be able to change negative eating habits.

For the full article featuring Cami Morgan, please click here.  

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