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Beat the Heat: Sun & Heat Safety Tips

DuPage Medical Group

Cooling off in the summer is a fun way to beat the heat. Take a look at our infographic to learn all about sun and heat safety tips.

Topics and Subtopics: General Health

What you Need to Know about Lyme Disease

Dr. Mia Taormina

Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness. Read about how you can protect yourself and your family from ticks.

Topics and Subtopics: General Health,Infectious Disease

Fact or Fiction: Ticks

Dr. Mia Taormina

We have debunked the most common myths when it comes to tick bites. Learn the best ways to deal with ticks.

Topics and Subtopics: Children's Health,General Health,Infectious Disease

Guilt Free Vacation - How to Indulge and Avoid the Bulge

Cindy Zwart, RD, LDN, CDE

Enjoy your vacation without going overboard with your diet. Read these tips and tricks on how to stay healthy while you get some much needed R and R.

Topics and Subtopics: Diabetes Care,Fitness & Exercise,Health & Diet

4 Common Uses of Fluoroscopy

DMG Radiology

Learn about fluoroscopy and the common uses for this diagnostic test.

Topics and Subtopics: Diagnostic Testing

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