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Food Allergy or Food Sensitivity?

DMG Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Many people avoid a variety of foods because they believe they have a food allergy. The truth is that many of these people do not have true food allergy, but rather food sensitivity.

Topics and Subtopics: Allergies

Women's Health: Screening Through the Ages

DuPage Medical Group

Your health is important! We've outlined the risks and screenings you need to be aware of at each stage of your life.

Topics and Subtopics: Women's Health

Are Your Genes Putting You at Risk for Breast Cancer?

DMG High Risk Breast Clinic

Read about 6 red flags that can point to hereditary breast cancer.

Topics and Subtopics: Cancer,Women's Health

3 Ways to Reduce Your Risk For Kidney Stones

DuPage Medical Group Urology

Are you troubled by kidney stones? Learn 3 ways to reduce your risk!

Topics and Subtopics: Kidney Disease

Are You Experiencing Painful Sex After Menopause?

Dr. Judith Bressler

Sex hurts after menopause: Is there anything I can do if I’m not sure I want to be on Hormone Replacement Therapy? Is this normal?

Topics and Subtopics: Women's Health

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