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Put Your Heart Into It: Cardio Workout for a Stronger Heart

DuPage Medical Group Cardiology

From burning calories to lowering your blood pressure, by finding the right exercise routine you can achieve a healthier heart through exercise.

Topics and Subtopics: Fitness & Exercise,Heart Health

7 Expert Tips To Know Before Taking Viagra

DuPage Medical Group Urology

Men: do you suffer from erectile dysfunction? Here is what you should know about Viagra before popping that pill.

Topics and Subtopics: Men's Health

How Do You Know if You Have Celiac Disease?

DuPage Medical Group Gastroenterology

Celiac disease can present with a wide range of symptoms and may mimic other conditions. Understanding the triggers may help lead to an accurate diagnoses.

Topics and Subtopics: Digestive Disorders

7 Common Things That Trigger Asthma

DuPage Medical Group Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Don’t panic! This is completely normal.

Topics and Subtopics: Asthma,Men's Health,Women's Health

Cold Hard Facts About Frostbite

DuPage Medical Group Dermatology

Keep yourself safe when out in the cold. Learn more about frostbite.

Topics and Subtopics: General Health,Skin Health

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