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BAHA System

The BAHA system may be an effective solution for patients that have mixed hearing loss, conductive hearing loss, single-sided deafness (SSD) with good hearing in the other ear. BAHA is a surgically implanted device that functions by sending sound through vibration to the “good”ear. The system utilizes a small titanium implant placed in the skull behind the ear which will hold a small sound processor. The system is based on the process of “osseointegration” which means:

  1. The sound waves are received by the processor and changed into vibrations.
  2. These vibrations from the processor are transferred from abutment to the titanium implant.
  3. Then the implant uses bone conduction to transfer sound vibrations to the cochlea, as you can see in the illustration below.
Externally, the BAHA system appears as you see below:

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