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CROS & BiCROS Systems (Non-Surgical Procedures)

CROS and BiCros are non-surgical options for single-sided deafness that utilize a microphone placed on the “poor” ear to detect sounds which are wirelessly routed to a hearing aid on the “good” ear. If hearing is unaffected in the “good” ear, a CROS system is fit.  With a CROS, the hearing aid worn on the “good” ear simply functions as a speaker capable of receiving the transmitted sound without impacting hearing in normal hearing ear. If hearing loss is also present in the “good” ear, a BiCROS system is fit to also provide the amplification and clarity needed for the hearing loss on the “good” side as well as the transfer of sound from the “bad” side.  Schedule an appointment with one of audiologists for assistance in choosing the system appropriate for your particular hearing loss.