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Some situations in life call for a little sage advice.

Springboard Chicken

With low-impact exercise, the point is not to make a big splash.

Yoga Party

Sometimes twists pop up even when you’re trying to reduce stress.

Steer Pressure

You know it’s not a very balanced meal when it tips your table over.

Caped Fear

Big brothers have a knack for inspiring questionable decisions.

Gone Too Far

Earning a “26.2” sticker is easier when you’ve stuck to training.

Backyard Basting

Everyone loves a sunny day, but a little SPF goes a long way.

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Personalized Access to Physician-led Care

Owned and directed by physicians, your family’s care is always our top priority.

You do everything within your power (and then some) to take care of your family, but sometimes you just need a little sage advice. Owned and led by physicians, DuPage Medical Group is always right here during life’s uncertain moments.

DuPage Medical Group provides your family:
  • A variety of ways for you to access our comprehensive care.
  • Physicians who take the time to listen, building personal relationships with you.
  • Immediate access to your health history giving us a detailed understanding of you.
  • Close collaboration among our board-certified physicians.
Learn which care option is best for you, and schedule your appointment.

Knowledge is power. And at DMG, we believe our patients should understand what each point of care might cost. The costs below are examples of how your family can have access to quality care at the best value for their symptoms.

*Cost varies based on your insurance coverage

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Health care is complex and ever-evolving. It makes a big difference having a physician who not only understands you well, but has the power to make informed decisions that will affect the bigger picture of your well-being.

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