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By DuPage Medical Group Dermatology
No-chip manicures have swiftly risen to fame, offering women the long-lasting polish they’ve always wanted – a manicure that dries quickly and can last at least two to three weeks. What’s not to love? But what are the health implications for this trendy technique?
Topics and Subtopics: Skin Health
By DuPage Medical Group Ophthalmology
As technology continues to become more integrated in everyday life, more information has emerged about the potential dangers of blue light. From vitamin supplements to smart phone filters and special lenses for eye glasses to protect against blue light damage, DMG Ophthalmologists break down the facts about blue lights and steps you can take to keep your eyes healthy.
Topics and Subtopics: Eye Care & General Health
By DuPage Medical Group Urology
Topics and Subtopics: Cancer & Men's Health
By DuPage Medical Group Urology
Topics and Subtopics: Cancer
By DuPage Medical Group Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
At the first sign of warmer weather it may be tempting to open up some windows and air out your home. If you or a family member suffers from allergies or asthma, opening up a window, especially during spring cleaning, may worsen symptoms by stirring up dust and allowing pollen to take up residence in your home. DuPage Medical Group Allergists share five common cleaning mistakes you can avoid to keep allergy symptoms at bay.
Topics and Subtopics: Allergies & General Health
Hip arthroscopy surgery is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat various hip conditions, primarily labral tears and hip impingement. This option is an alternative to open surgery, resulting in less pain, less joint stiffness and shorter recovery times.
By Theresa Lee, MD, FACS
What you need to know prior to thyroid cancer surgery.
Topics and Subtopics: Cancer & General Health
By Susan Mitchell, MD
No one knows how much alcohol should be considered “safe” in pregnancy. However, binge drinking and drinking throughout pregnancy are generally considered dangerous. We know that women who don’t drink at all in pregnancy are not at risk. But where between none and daily can be considered “safe”?
By Reena Varade, MD
Flip the cards to reveal fun facts and explanations to 6 common skin questions answered by board certified DMG Dermatologist Dr. Reena Varade.
Topics and Subtopics: Skin Health
By DuPage Medical Group Sleep Medicine
Topics and Subtopics: General Health, Diet & Nutrition & Sleep
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