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By DuPage Medical Group Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
Simple solutions for significant allergy relief.
By DuPage Medical Group Surgery
Learn more about the cause of several different types of hernias and the treatments available.
Topics and Subtopics: General Health
By DuPage Medical Group Oncology
Vaccinating can prevent multiple cancers caused by HPV.
Topics and Subtopics: Cancer, Children's Health & General Health
By DuPage Medical Group Nephrology
When thinking about our overall health, kidneys are not most peoples first thought or focus. In fact, kidney health often does not come up until there is a problem. Kidneys actually play a very essential role in keeping our bodies operating at their best. When your kidneys aren’t functioning properly, it has a significant impact on your health and can cause several unpleasant side effects. Read on to learn some simple ways to improve your kidney health.
By DuPage Medical Group Urology
There are many forms of prostate cancer treatment options. The main surgical option, known as a prostatectomy, can be performed through various types of surgeries.
Topics and Subtopics: Cancer & Men's Health
By DuPage Medical Group Urology
According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer sometime in their lifetime. While the biggest risk factors of developing prostate cancer are your age and race - other factors can also increase an individual’s risk including personal/family history of prostate and other cancers. Be proactive about your health by taking the quiz below to help determine if you are considered high-risk for prostate cancer and could benefit from genetic testing and/or further evaluation by a physician.
Topics and Subtopics: Men's Health
By DuPage Medical Group Urology
You can detect prostate cancer faster if you know what signs to watch for. Read our infographic to find out what symptoms to be aware of and when it may be time to talk with your doctor.
Topics and Subtopics: Cancer & Men's Health
By DuPage Medical Group Urology
Don’t let prostate cancer sneak up on you. Read our infographic to learn which factors may put you at an increased risk for developing prostate cancer.
Topics and Subtopics: Cancer & Men's Health
By DuPage Medical Group Ophthalmology
Between cell phones, computers, TV's and tablets, technology is everywhere these days. Learn how to prevent digital eye strain.
Topics and Subtopics: Eye Care & General Health
By DuPage Medical Group Primary Care
Summer break is coming to an end and with it comes an end to late nights, sleeping in and carefree days spent outdoors. Transitioning to a new fall schedule can be difficult for both kids and parents. Planning ahead and taking steps to ease into a new schedule can make the back-to-school much easier. Try these helpful tips to build an end-of-summer plan for your family and send your kids back to school feeling their best.
Topics and Subtopics: Children's Health
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