Cancer is the abnormal and uncontrolled cell growth in a person’s body. Cancerous, or malignant cells divide too quickly for your body to respond and fight off these cells. Cancer can manifest itself almost anywhere in the body, therefore symptoms vary depending on what type of cancer a person has developed.

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By DuPage Medical Group Dermatology
As part of external beam radiation therapy, you will have radiation marks, or tattoos, put on your skin. These marks are used by the radiation therapists to guide precise body positioning, critical to ensure cancer cells are being effectively targeted. The radiation marks aide in keeping you perfectly aligned throughout the course of your treatment.
Topics and Subtopics: Cancer & Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

By DMG Integrated Oncology Program
DuPage Medical Group’s Integrated Oncology Program is proud to partner with the American Cancer Society® in providing complimentary wigs.
Topics and Subtopics: Cancer

By DuPage Medical Group
Recently, there has been an extraordinary upswing in women choosing a double mastectomy (as high as 150% increase over the last 10 years) as their course of treatment even when cancer is found only in one breast.

By Gregory Grant, MD, FACS
Topics and Subtopics: Cancer, Diagnostic Testing & Women's Health

By DMG Physical & Occupational Therapy
Lymphedema is swelling of one or more areas of the body caused by a buildup of lymphatic fluid. See this list of 8 things you should avoid to help prevent or delay the start of lymphedema.

By DMG Physical & Occupational Therapy
8 questions and answers about lymphedema.
Topics and Subtopics: Cancer & Physical & Occupational Therapy

By DuPage Medical Group Radiation Oncology
Radiation Therapy, through the linear accelerator, combines imaging, beam delivery and sophisticated motion management to accurately and precisely target tumors with speed
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By DuPage Medical Group Radiation Oncology
Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiation to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells. The radiation may be delivered by a machine outside the body (external-beam radiation therapy), or it may come from radioactive material placed in the body near cancer cells (internal radiation therapy, also called brachytherapy).
Topics and Subtopics: Cancer

By DuPage Medical Group Radiation Oncology
External beam radiation therapy, the most widely used type of radiation therapy, comes from a machine (linear accelerator) that aims radiation at the specific spot that is affected with cancer.
Topics and Subtopics: Cancer

By Ciarán Bradley, MD, FACS, Kashyap Katwala, MD, Rafi Ali, MD
Colorectal cancer is common, affecting approximately 1 in every 20 Americans over the course of their lifetime. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce your risk of developing colorectal cancer by screenings, prompt diagnosis and treatment.
Topics and Subtopics: Cancer & Digestive Disorders

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