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Living with insulin-dependent or non-insulin dependent diabetes requires a regimented lifestyle. Diabetics have to carefully monitor their diet and glucose levels in order to maintain an appropriate blood-sugar level. Living with diabetes can be very manageable. If a diabetic does not take the required measures to control their diabetes, there can be severe consequences such as amputation of limbs, blindness and obesity.

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By Lara Hamilton RDN, CDE
After a long relaxing summer, it is sometimes difficult to get back to the school year routine. To help get you back on track, follow our dietitian’s how-to guide for packing your child’s lunch.

By DuPage Medical Group
Enjoy your vacation without going overboard with your diet. Read these tips and tricks on how to stay healthy while you get some much needed R and R.

By DMG Podiatry, Foot and Ankle Surgery
Diabetes is a serious disease that can develop from lack of insulin production in the body or due to the inability of the body's insulin to perform its normal everyday functions. Of the sixteen million americans with diabetes, 25% will develop foot problems related to the disease.
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