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Ear, nose and throat problems involve sinus issues, hearing issues, balance, speech, swallowing and upper-airway breathing. Common ear, nose and throat problems include nasal congestion, sinus infections, mouth sores, oral lesions, hearing loss, ear drainage and vertigo.

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By DuPage Medical Group Otolaryngology
The Cochlear Corp BAHA and Oticon Medical Ponto are surgically implanted treatment options for single sided deafness (SSD). Like TransEar, the BAHA and Ponto functions through direct transfer of sound through bone vibration from the “non-hearing” ear to the better hearing ear.
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By DuPage Medical Group Otolaryngology
Ménière's disease is an abnormality of the inner ear causing a host of symptoms, including vertigo or severe dizziness, tinnitus or a roaring sound in the ears, fluctuating hearing loss, and the sensation of pressure or pain in the affected ear. The disorder usually affects only one ear and is a common cause of hearing loss. Named after French physician Prosper Ménière who first described the syndrome in 1861.
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