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Fitness and exercise are extremely important, yet often neglected aspects of a person’s daily life. It is recommended that a person exercise at least four days a week for twenty minutes. Exercise, along with a balanced diet will serve as preventive measures for a multitude of health issues. Exercise is also linked with boosting a person’s mood because it produces serotonin.

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By Christina Brown, DPM, FACFAS
Are you suffering from pain on the bottom of your heel or in the arch of your foot? Does the pain hurt the most when transitioning from sitting to standing (especially at the beginning of the day), after a workout or when you stand for prolonged periods of time? This common injury is called plantar fasciitis and is easily treated under the care of a board-certified podiatrist. Mild cases of plantar fasciitis may even be corrected with home remedies.

By DuPage Medical Group Endocrinology
Score a touchdown on game day by serving healthy and delicious appetizers!
Topics and Subtopics: Fitness & Exercise & Diet & Nutrition

By DuPage Medical Group Cardiology
Follow these tips to stay safe and avoid a heart attack while shoveling snow this winter.
Topics and Subtopics: Fitness & Exercise & Heart Health

By DuPage Medical Group Cardiology
Workout to the beat and get the right cardio workout.
Topics and Subtopics: Fitness & Exercise & Heart Health

By DMG Integrated Oncology Program
Cancer can be overwhelming. There are ways to help combat the stress and improve your sense of well-being. Learn if you could benefit from gentle yoga in conjunction with your cancer treatments.
Topics and Subtopics: Cancer & Fitness & Exercise

By DuPage Medical Group Cardiology
Get the most out of your workout by understanding what your target heart rate is. Target heart rates defined.
Topics and Subtopics: Fitness & Exercise & Heart Health

By DMG Physical & Occupational Therapy
With a few simple modifications, you can truly multitask at work. Read on for tips to increase strength, endurance and flexibility while working at your computer.

By DuPage Medical Group
Enjoy your vacation without going overboard with your diet. Read these tips and tricks on how to stay healthy while you get some much needed R and R.

By Dr. Bryan Lapinski, Foot and Ankle Surgery
Whether you are out for a stroll or a full-on weekend warrior, a sprained ankle is one of the most common and painful injuries you may encounter.

By Dr. John Lombardi & Dr. Julio Gonzalez
The 5K season is here, are you thinking of participating in a local race? Whether it’s your first or 50th time, be sure to check out the DMG Sports Medicine training and race day guide for beginner and experienced runners alike.

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