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What we put into our body is vital to how we function on a daily basis. Paired with exercise, our diet should be balanced, full of vitamins and protein. A healthy diet can prevent obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular issues and heart problems.

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By David Dungan, MD
The challenges of unhealthy weight for children and adolescents are significant not only for the individual but also for our communities and nation.
Topics and Subtopics: Children's Health & Health & Diet

By DuPage Medical Group Cardiology
The addition of high, water-soluble, fiber foods to the diet has been found to help lower cholesterol. A choice from the following high fiber list should be used at each meal.
Topics and Subtopics: Health & Diet & Heart Health

By DuPage Medical Group Cardiology
Consuming too much salt (sodium chloride) can cause high blood pressure in some people. In fact, you probably don’t realize how much sodium you eat each day.
Topics and Subtopics: Health & Diet

By DuPage Medical Group Cardiology
Unhealthy lifestyle habits are a leading cause of disease across America. On a daily basis, we are bombarded with information regarding food and nutrition. It’s been well documented that balanced meals, high in nutritional value, are good for our health and wellness. Unfortunately, understanding which foods are the right ones can be confusing at times.
Topics and Subtopics: Health & Diet

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