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Heart health isn't all about heart disease! Focus on the health of your heart early and throughout your life to avoid heart disease. Be heart healthy by eating right and exercising. Sometimes, even if you are focusing on your heart, heart disease can occur because it is caused by a combination of diet and hereditary factors. Heart disease describes multiple issues, which are commonly diagnosed when damage is caused to your heart or blood vessels. Heart diseases are cardiovascular issues, arrhythmias and heart defects.

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By DuPage Medical Group Cardiology
Our Nuclear program was the first Nuclear program in the state of Illinois to be fully accredited by ICANL (Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Laboratories). Nuclear technology offers highly sensitive, noninvasive methods to find, diagnose and monitor the progression of occlusive coronary artery disease. The tests generate images of blood flow to the heart muscle and heart pumping function as well as identify any damage caused by a heart attack.
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By DuPage Medical Group Cardiology
When your heart’s at risk, a precise diagnosis helps you and your physician make the best medical choices.
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