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4 Benefits of Wide Bore MRI Systems

By DuPage Medical Group Radiology

Did you know that there are many different types of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners? Just like any major household appliance, MRI scanners are manufactured by different companies and come with various options and specifications. Many people don’t realize that depending on the type of MRI scanner, specs and output may vary.

 At DuPage Medical Group (DMG), wide bore MRI systems are utilized to achieve the highest quality image while also keeping the patient’s experience in mind.

Below are 4 benefits to having your MRI performed on a wide bore MRI scanner.

  1. More Room and/or Comfort
    • DMG’s wide bore MRI systems feature a high field 70cm entry point. This additional space provides more room and comfort for patients than a traditional “closed bore” scanner.
    • Once a patient is on the scanner bed, this generally leaves 15”-17” from tip of the nose to the top of the scanner, compared to the “open” style magnet which only offers about 8”- 10”.
  2. Superior Image Quality Compared to an Open MRI
    • Similar to your photographic cameras, MRI equipment comes in varying strengths and power.
    • While “open” systems have become more prevalent in recent years, DMG does not offer “open” MRI due to lower image quality produced. Most “open MRI” systems on the market are 0.3 Tesla to 0.7 Tesla (Tesla = unit used to measure strength of MRI magnet). Tesla strength impacts resolution and clarity of the MRI images.
    • Wide bore scanners produce exceptional results, often superior to conventional “closed” MRI systems. DMG utilizes state-of-the-art, 3T wide bore systems which feature the largest scanner size available with the highest field strength possible.
  3. No Longer Having To Choose Quality vs. Comfort
    • One important advantage of wide bore MRI systems is their ability to combine patient comfort with high-quality imaging. In the past, physicians had to choose comfort over quality for their patients; however, that is no longer the case.
  4. Provide Services to a Wider Demographic of Patient
    • Wide bore MRI scanners are a high quality option for patients who may not be comfortable in a conventional MRI scanner due to the smaller entry point. Patients with claustrophobia who previously would not consider having an MRI exam are now willing to schedule their exam with the added space.
    • DMG MRI systems are able to accommodate a 500+ lbs. weight limit, compared to conventional, closed bore systems which accommodate 400 lbs. or less.
    • Wide bore systems result in shorter scan times compared to conventional MRI systems.

To ease any patient concerns, DMG offers the option to visit the radiology department and view the MRI room and scanner prior to scheduling an appointment. Generally this eases any anxiety and helps patients feel comfortable to schedule and successfully complete their exam.  

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