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4 Things to Consider Upon a Cancer Diagnosis

By DMG Integrated Oncology Program

After being diagnosed with cancer, it is important to take some time, take care of yourself and start to cope with the news.

Below are the top 4 things to consider when you have been diagnosed with cancer:

  1. Learn about your diagnosis
    • There are many different types of cancer and each diagnosis is different so it is important to understand your type of cancer as well as treatment. Refer to DMG’s Cancer Resource Center, talk with your Nurse Navigator, or review reputable online sources such as www.cancer.net or www.cancer.org.
    • Seek a second opinion, advocate for yourself!
  2. Get organized
    • Create a system to manage all the information, results, records etc. that you will receive. Being well organized will help you maintain control over your life, schedule and influx of information you will receive. Tape record your sessions for future reference. This will also help you get the most out of your visits with your team of caregivers.
  3. Find support – emotional, practical and financial
    • Dealing with cancer can affect your mind, body and spirit so it is important for you to have support every step of the way. Utilize your family, friends, community resources and others to help you along the way.  Bring them to your appointments for additional support and to help you remember important facts. You may deal with complex emotions or just wonder how you are going to manage work or family obligations or the cost of receiving care. Join a support group, attend classes and meetings offered when your feeling up to it, journal, exercise – just 15 minutes a day will do.  
  4. Get to know your health care team
    • You will encounter many health care professionals during your cancer journey,  get to know them and their role – who does what?  This will help you to address your important questions and needs to the individual or individuals that can help you and decrease your frustrations in obtaining what you need.

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