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5 Facts about Quitting Smoking

By DuPage Medical Group

When you quit smoking you will be able to notice some changes that occur when you quit. See our facts below for how your body reacts to quitting smoking.

20 minutes after quitting: Your heart rate drops back down to normal.

48 hours after: nerve endings begin to regrow and your sense of smell and taste are enhanced

1 to 9 months after quitting: Shortness of breath and coughing decrease, cilia, the tiny cells in your lungs that clean the air you breathe in, regrow in the lungs.

10 years after quitting: The chance that you will die from lung cancer becomes half that of a smoker.

15 years after smoking: Your risk of developing heart disease becomes equal to that of a non-smoker.



Sources: American Cancer Society and American Lung Association 

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