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5 Tips to Be a Healthier Mom

By DuPage Medical Group

Many women struggle with the stress and daily tasks of taking care of their families, and tend to neglect themselves. Take a 5 minute break for yourself and read our 5 tips to help you be a healthier mom. If you are already incorporating some of these tips, it will help you learn more about your health and preventive care.

5. Don’t regret what you eat! Eat for health, energy and strength. Try not to waste your calories on empty foods (high in solid fats and/or added sugars) like chips, cookies and soda. Instead focus on lean meats, fruits and vegetables. Remember it is important what you do on a regular basis, you can cheat once in a while, but try to form consistency in your daily habits.

4.  Re-evaluate your substance use. Try to drink green teas in place of excess caffeine. Try wine spritzers or non-alcoholic beverages. Remember, everything in moderation.  And if you smoke, this is an important habit to rid yourself of! It will be the most destructive habit to your health long term! Ask your doctor for help, they have many resources to help you quit.

3.  Increase your daily exercise. You don’t have to be a treadmill warrior. Start by trying to increase the amount of steps you take each day. Wear a pedometer or Fitbit to track your progress.  15 minutes of exercise, when done consistently, is a great start!

2. Unplug and get more sleep. Turn off the TV, put away your iPad or Kindle and get some needed Zzzz. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

1.  Get your yearly well-woman exam. This gives you a chance to review your immunizations, check your blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol and more. Plus, if you are aged 40 or older, don’t forget to get your screening mammogram. Meeting with your doctor on an annual basis gives you a good “check-in” to talk about anything else you might be experiencing with your health. You take your kids in, take your cars in, remember to get yourself in!

At DMG, we know that when it comes to balancing family, work and errands, life can get busy. That’s why we’ve designed our herDMG appointments to be an all-in-one visit for women including a physical/well-woman exam, blood work and screening mammogram.

To schedule a herDMG appointment call 1-888-MY-DMG-DR.

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