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6 Places Often Missed When Applying Sunscreen

By DuPage Medical Group Dermatology

Numerous studies show that sunscreen users apply just one-fifth to a one-half the quantity of sunscreen the maker recommends. Below are key tips to applying sunscreen:

  • Apply at least 1 oz (the size of a shot glass) for head to toe coverage
  • Apply 30 minutes before going outside
  • Rub the sunscreen thoroughly into all bare skin
  • Reapply every 2 hours no matter the SPF factor
  • Reapply immediately after swimming, toweling off or excessive sweating
  • Always check the expiration date!
6 Spots Most Missed When Applying Sunscreen
  • Tops of feet
  • Ears
  • Eyelids
  • Scalp
  • Lips
  • Places near the edges of your clothing and under your suit straps

Take your time when applying sunscreen and stay safe in the sun!

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