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6 Tips for Disinfecting Your Mobile Phone

How to Keep Your Electronics Germ-Free

Whether we’re scrolling through social media while waiting in social distancing lines at the grocery store, logging in to a nightly video chat with our extended friends and family or flipping through our favorite streaming service to find the next show to binge, we’re touching our electronic devices more than ever. These frequently touched and shared devices, such as mobile phones, headphones, keyboards and remote controls, are often overlooked when cleaning and disinfecting your home and personal items.

To effectively eliminate as many germs as possible and reduce the spread of diseases like COVID-19, it’s important to clean all commonly used surfaces throughout your home, car and handbag, including your electronic devices. Here are six tips to disinfect your electronic devices.

  • Power off the device, then unplug it and/or remove any batteries.
  • Remove any protective case, which can trap moisture and damage the device.
  • To remove debris that may be stuck in between keys and buttons, turn the item upside down and tap it lightly against your palm. For more stubborn particles, use a compressed air canister or clear tape.
    • Apply your chosen disinfectant solution with a wipe rather than a spray to avoid excess liquid from entering and damaging the device. Be sure to select a cleaning product that contains at least 70 percent alcohol and avoid products containing high amounts of bleach.
    • If stores are sold out of your go-to cleaning product, you can mix your own by adding 4 teaspoons of rubbing alcohol or bleach to 4 cups of water. If you decide to use a solution that contains bleach, wipe items with a damp cloth after disinfecting them to prevent discoloration or damage.
    • Take care not to submerge the item in cleaning products or allow fluid to enter any of its ports.
  • Use a dampened cotton swab to clean harder to reach areas, including around buttons.
  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any smudges (rough materials including paper towels can scratch glass or damage the coating on screens).
  • Let the device air dry completely before reapplying any case and/or batteries.

Whenever possible, use disposable gloves when cleaning. Otherwise, wash your hands thoroughly for at least twenty seconds before you begin and again when you are done.

Work disinfecting your electronic devices into your regular routine and take extra special care to disinfect your mobile phone if you touch it while shopping or set it down on a well-trafficked surface. Following these simple, effective steps to disinfect your electronic devices will help reduce your family’s exposure to illness.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, illnesses may still develop. If you or a family member is experiencing an illness we are available to care for you safely in-clinic or through a virtual visit. Schedule your appointments online.


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