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Infographic: Don’t Get Faked Out: 9 Must Know Vasectomy Facts

By DuPage Medical Group Urology

With the big tournament right around the corner, there is generally a rise in the number of vasectomies performed. This phenomenon is referred to as “Vas Madness” and is neither a myth nor Facebook rumor. Over the last several years, urologists have reported as much as a 50% increase in the number of vasectomies in the days leading up to the NCAA tournament.

For more than a century, vasectomy has been the most effective permanent form of birth control for men. With the typical recovery time for a vasectomy being 3-4 days, this timing is perfect for those college basketball fanatics needing to recover and wanting to watch their favorite teams. Best yet, it’s under doctor’s orders.

Have you considered having a vasectomy, but don’t know all the facts? Before you fill out your NCAA bracket read our infographic, Don’t Get Faked Out: 9 Must Know Vasectomy Facts, to learn what you need to know about vasectomy. (Click to view full PDF)



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