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Lice Aren’t Nice: A Panic Free Guide to Dealing with Lice

By Chris Arico, MS, PA-C

Contracting head lice may be a rite of passage for many young students, as relatively few kids finish their elementary years without being affected due to the nature of lice and how they spread. Lice have basically been living on and around humans since the beginning of time. They are so ingrained in human history that the everyday expressions such as “lousy”, “nit-picking”, and “going over something with a fine-toothed comb” all stem from lice infestations!

Contrary to popular belief, contracting head lice does not indicate that a person is in any way unhygienic or unclean.

Read more about lice, how it spreads, how to avoid infestation and what you can do if your child comes home with lice.


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