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A Low Cholesterol Diet

By DuPage Medical Group Cardiology

The right plan for lower cholesterol

The addition of high, water-soluble, fiber foods to the diet has been found to help lower cholesterol. A choice from the following high fiber list should be used at each meal.

Oat bran and old fashioned oats

Dried beans such as pinto, navy and kidney; lentils; brown rice

Whole grain breads and cereals
Fruits and vegetables

guidelines for success

Simply substitute canola, olive or peanut oils for animal and other saturated fats in the preparation and seasoning of your food. Special unsaturated
fat soft tub margarine may be used. Three margarines have been shown to lower cholesterol: Promise Activ,® Benecol® and Smart Balance® Omega Plus.

Using your list of permitted and restricted foods as a guide, follow the “Recommended daily food plan” for a healthy, nutritious diet. Select your dietary choice in the same manner as the normal family meal, modifying it only where necessary to meet the requirements of your particular meal plan.

Eat three meals daily and avoid skipping breakfast. Take meals of about the same size, avoiding large meals. Healthy snacks between meals may prevent excessive hunger and overeating.

Eat slowly, allowing a minimum of 20 minutes per meal to assist with feeling full.

Cook meat on a rack when broiling, roasting, or microwaving so that fat is able to drain off.

Avoid overcooking vegetables to preserve their natural flavor and vitamins. Enhance flavor with spices such as dill, rosemary, lemon, garlic, pepper or Mrs.Dash.® Try a calorie free buttery flavored spray.

sample eating plan


  • Orange
  • Oatmeal
  • Toast–
Whole grain or oat bran bread
Soft tub margarine (i.e. Promise Activ®) Jelly
  • Skim milk or light yogurt
  • Non-calorie beverage 


  • Tuna salad sandwich– Whole wheat bread Low fat mayonnaise
  • Raw carrot strips
  • Apple
  • Skim milk or light yogurt
  • Non-calorie beverage


  • Sliced white meat of turkey
  • Baked sweet potato

  • Broccoli

  • Sliced tomatoes on lettuce
  • Fresh fruit
  • Dinner roll– Whole grain w/margarine
  • Skim milk or light yogurt
  • Non-calorie beverage

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