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Cardiac Diagnostic Testing

By DuPage Medical Group Cardiology

Our Cardiology Department utilizes leading-edge cardiac diagnostic and early-detection technologies with the expertise of fellowship-trained, board certified cardiologists to achieve the highest quality images—and the highest level of certainty in your diagnosis. 

Along with the most sophisticated nuclear, echocardiography, and other non-invasive testing equipment, you can rely on our in-depth experience gained from reviewing tens of thousands of cardiac images over the years. We carefully review your results, pinpoint problems and provide insights that help put you on the road to better health.

Comprehensive Cardiac Testing

  • Electrocardiography (EKG)
  • EKG Stress Testing
  • 24-hour Holter Monitoring
  • 30-day Event Monitoring


  • Echocardiographic Stress Testing
  • 2-D Echocardiogram with Doppler
  • Transesophogeal Echocardiograms

Nuclear Stress Testing

  • MUGA Testing
  • Nuclear Stress Testing
  • Pharmacologic Stress Testing
  • Viability Assessment

Computerized Tomography

  • Calcium Score
  • CT Angiography

Pacemaker Clinic

  • Implantable Loop Recorder
  • AICD
  • Automatic Internal Cardiac Defibrillator Clinic

Coronary Angriography

  • Right Heart Catheterization
  • Left Heart Catheterization
  • Coronary Stent Placement

Vascular Angiography

  • Lower Extremity Angiography
  • Vascular Stenting

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