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How Do I Know If I Have An Anxiety Disorder

By Jean Houlihan, MD

Anxiety is your body’s natural reaction to stressful and uncertain situations, it is your body telling you to stay alert and protect yourself. Everybody experiences some form of everyday anxiety but when it gets out-of-hand you could be suffering from anxiety disorder. 3.1% of adults each year will be affected by generalized anxiety disorder. The descriptions below will help you differentiate between everyday anxiety and an anxiety disorder.

Everyday Anxiety
• Worry about paying bills, landing a job, a romantic breakup etc.
• Embarrassment or self-consciousness in awkward situations
• Getting nerves before a test, presentation etc.
• Realistic fears
• Sadness/anxiety after traumatic event

Anxiety Disorder
• Constant and unsubstantiated worry
• Avoiding social situations for fear of embarrassment, etc.
• Random panic attacks, and fear of having another
• Irrational fear that poses little or no threat to life
• Performing uncontrollable repetitive actions

If you think that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, please contact your primary care physician to make an appointment and discuss your symptoms.


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