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Family Fitness Fun For All Seasons

By DuPage Medical Group

Being an active family is sometimes difficult. Work, kids in school, and technology can interfere with time that could be spent being active together. But being active doesn’t have to mean running marathons or doing triathlons.  Activities for the whole family can occur year-round.

Spring Months

While the weather may be nicer, rain can keep your family from enjoying the outdoors. Don’t let rain and possible chilly weather keep you and your family from moving. During these uncertain weather patterns, you could:

  • Clean the house in time to music
  • Do stretches
  • Do jumping jacks
  • Do a home decorating project
  • Take karate lessons
  • Play hide and seek
  • Walk a circuit around the mall
  • Exercise at home to music
  • Try a kickboxing class
  • Have fun at a batting cage

Summer Months

The summer may be the most convenient time for your family to participate in healthy fitness activities during the year. Take advantage of some extra free-time to get your family moving and spend some quality time together. You and your family could:  

  • Plant a garden
  • Shoot baskets
  • Go swimming
  • Go camping
  • Take a bike ride
  • Build a tree house
  • Play softball
  • Have races (give youngsters a head start)
  • Play miniature golf
  • Play hopscotch

Autumn Months

Fall is a beautiful time of the year; the leaves are changing and colors paint the outdoors. You and your family have many options for fitness activities such as:

  • Explore a state park
  • Take walks after dinner
  • Join in a parade
  • Walk to school together
  • Take dance lessons
  • Go hiking
  • Play soccer
  • Play touch football
  • Go horseback riding
  • Run an obstacle course

Winter Months

Winter can be cold and may seem limiting when it comes to physical fitness ideas. But never fear; there are always ways to get your family moving, even with the snow! You and your family could participate in fun activities such as:

  • Go bowling
  • Join a family gym
  • Build a snow house
  • Make snow angels
  • Build a snowman
  • Work out to exercise video tapes
  • Play racquetball
  • Learn to juggle
  • Wash and dry dishes by hand
  • Do aerobics

Don’t let seasonal changes limit your activity. Whatever the weather, you and your family can have fitness fun together!


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