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Helpful Tips for Talking About Pelvic Floor Disorders

By DuPage Medical Group Urology

It can be embarrassing to talk about problems such as incontinence or vaginal bulges, even with your physician. Don’t be shy! Doctors are accustomed to talking about problems and conditions related to the pelvic floor, and it’s worth asking about your symptoms because they can be treated. Based on your symptoms, your doctor may refer you to a female urology specialist, who is an expert in treating pelvic problems.

Here are some tips to get the conversation started. 

Information to Tell Your Physician

  1. My last pelvic exam was _______ (days, weeks, months, years) ago.
  2. I have _______ child(ren) and delivered _________ (vaginally/by cesarean section).
  3. I’m having some of all of the following symptoms:
    1. Pain, pressure or a bulge “down there”
    2. Trouble urinating or passing a bowel movement
    3. “Leaking” or needing to use the bathroom often
    4. Pain during urination
  4. My symptoms started _______ (days, weeks, months, years) ago.
  5. I have these symptoms ________ (daily, a few times a week, sometimes, etc.).
  6. I want to find ways to treat or cure these symptoms.

Also, be sure to tell your physician about any medicines you are taking and any allergies you may have.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

  1. Do you think I have symptoms of a pelvic floor disorder?
    1. If so, what kind of pelvic floor disorder(s) do I have?
  2. What is causing my symptoms?
  3. Will my symptoms get better?
  4. What can I do to lessen or end these symptoms?
  5. Do you see a lot of other patients like me?
  6. What should I do next?


Pelvic pain and incontinence can be embarrassing, but there are solutions available. Schedule an appointment with a DMG urologist today by calling 630-790-1221.

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