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Why is a Hospitalist Taking Care of Me Instead of My Doctor?

By Dr. Christina Bratis

If you recently were admitted to a hospital, it is likely that a physician called a hospitalist took care of you while you were there.

What is a Hospitalist Physician?

Think of a hospitalist as your on-site physician who specializes in caring for hospitalized patients. Our hospitalists are board certified in internal medicine and are specially trained to practice in a hospital setting as opposed to a traditional doctor’s office. In addition to providing excellent medical care, they help to coordinate all of your medical needs from admission to discharge.

Why Do I Need a Hospitalist?

There are many benefits to you as a patient when your regular doctor utilizes hospitalists for inpatient care. Research has shown that the use of hospitalists results in higher quality patient care, and improved satisfaction with outcomes. You are likely to undergo less redundant testing and discharged more quickly when a hospitalist is in charge of your care, resulting in decreasing hospital costs.

Hospitalists are on site during their work hours, this increases their ability to evaluate patients at all times without significant delay. Previously, you would have to wait for your primary care physician to make time to see you in the hospital before, after or in between their office hours. Additionally, if you are a DMG patient, your DMG hospitalist will be able to access your medical record; this provides a review of your medication and your health history. Under a hospitalist’s care, your treatments can be modified more quickly, your test results can be read faster and follow-up care can begin right away.

During your stay, your hospitalist will contact your Primary Care Physician (PCP) if any questions arise, and they will communicate to ensure your transition out of the hospital is as seamless as possible. Your hospitalist can also consult with your family or caregivers as long as you grant permission. You are still welcome to communicate with your primary care physician and your hospitalist will add documentation to your medical record about your condition and progress.

If you wish to learn more about the hospitalist physicians on staff at DuPage Medical Group, please visit: /services/Hospitalist/

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