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Important Milestones by the end of 2 years of age

By DuPage Medical Group Pediatrics

By the end of the second year, the majority of children can: climb and descend stairs while holding hand or rail, run, throw a ball without falling.  Additionally they have the ability to stack blocks (5-7 high), align objects and draw horizontal lines and circles.

 Speech expands to comprehending up to 300 words, while possessing a vocabulary of up to 50 + words.  Children enjoy listening to stories, and will refer to themselves by name.

The pronouns I, you, me are used appropriately.  A frequently asked question “what’s that” surfaces as well as the ability to respond to a command such as “show me your shoes”.  Speech should be intelligible to parents.

 Many lists indicate ‘normal’ development.  For the two year old toddler, concerns relating to developmental lags include, but are not limited to: inability to name familiar objects, lack of direct eye contact, engaging in repetitive rocking or head banging for extensive periods of time, not moving about vigorously, running, climbing or exploring their environment.

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