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Pascal Laser Scan

By Dr. Anurag Gupta

The PASCAL® (Pattern Scan Laser) Photocoagulator is a fully integrated pattern scan laser system designed to treat retinal diseases using a single spot or a predetermined pattern array of up to 56 spots.

The PASCAL technology platform is based upon the use of a proprietary, semi-automated, pattern generation method employing short 532 nm laser pulses. These laser pulses are delivered in a rapid predetermined sequence resulting in improved precision, safety, patient comfort, and a significant reduction in treatment time compared with single-spot photocoagulation.

"The PASCAL laser has revolutionized the way I laser. Treatment delivery is much more efficient and extremely comfortable for patients with excellent therapeutic response. This innovation represents a huge leap forward in our ability to deliver quality care to more patients. I actually look forward to pan retinal photocoagulation treatments now." Anurag Gupta, MD


More efficient than standard single shot photocoagulation.

Improved Comfort
Patients are likely to experience less discomfort and therefore have more tolerance for the procedure.

Advanced Precision
Macular Grid treatment provides an improved margin of safety and dosimetry control when compared with single shot treatments. Unlike the irregular pattern placement obtained in single shot photocoagulation, PASCAL delivers more even pattern burns.

Ease of Use
The PASCAL Method of photocoagulation is similar to single shot photocoagulation, therefore physician training is minimal.

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