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Pink Eye

By Dr. Kathleen Gruzalski

Pink eye, also called conjunctivitis, can be infectious (bacterial or viral), allergic or from an irritant. Pink Eye is dried crust on the eye in the morning, pus drainage, and the eye will be red.

A bacterial pink eye will have a constant white, yellow or green drainage throughout the day. When it is wiped out, the drainage will come back quickly. Bacterial pink eye is contagious and spreads easily. Good hand washing is recommended to prevent the spread of pink eye. Sharing an object, such a washcloth or towel, with a person with pink eye can spread the infection. Contacts and eye makeup should not be worn until the infection is cleared up. Once the infection is gone contacts and any eye makeup used at the time of the infection needs to be replaced.

An allergic pink eye has a clear watery drainage throughout the day. The eye will be itchy. Allergic pink eye is not contagious.

A viral pink eye may accompany a cold. The drainage is clear and the eye is red. Viral pink eye is also contagious. 

If you think your child has pink eye you need to contact your physician’s office.

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