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SPY Technology for Breast Reconstruction

By DuPage Medical Group Plastic Surgery

Dr. Steven Sigalove is now using SPY technology, the latest tool in breast reconstruction surgery.

SPY Elite Intraoperative Perfusion Assessment System by Novadaq Technologies Inc., is able to help breast surgeons capture images during breast reconstruction surgeries to help evaluate the blood flow in vessels and circulation in tissue, two very important aspects in reaching a successful outcome in reconstructive surgery.

Rather than physicians relying solely on their clinical judgment, the use of SPY imaging helps in surgical decision-making by further confirming the needed information when using tissue expanders and performing flap reconstructions.

As explained by Dr. Sigalove, “When we’re doing a reconstruction using a flap, we need to evaluate whether there is sufficient blood flow to the involved tissue. An inadequate supply of blood and oxygen can lead to necrosis (decay) or infection. These complications sometimes lead to a failed reconstruction and the need for additional surgery.”

According to the Novadaq Surgery Inc. website, “independent studies in breast reconstruction have shown that the use of SPY deceases rates of post operative tissue death and non-healing wounds, returns to surgery and prolonged hospital stays.”

“Now we can better assess blood supply and distinguish between healthy and unhealthy tissue. SPY allows us to maximize results, while minimizing the complication rate. And in certain patients, SPY has enhanced our ability to do nipple-sparing surgery in a single-stage reconstruction,” Sigalove further explains.

Performed during the breast reconstruction operation, SPY imaging is safe, FDA approved and only takes a few extra minutes in surgery, while offering several advantages to both the surgeon and patient for improved surgical outcomes.

*SPY technology is available and used by Dr. Sigalove at Edward Hospital in Naperville.


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