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Terrific Terrible Two Year Olds

By Dr. Scott Murphy

Two years of age is wonderful…

Life with a two-year old can be wonderful.  The two year old speed development is exploding with new words almost every day.  They understand far more than they say and they say almost everything they hear.   So be careful or grandma will know all of your secrets. 

One of the best parts of being a parent of a two year old is watching their personalities unfold.   Some are laid back, some are real “thinkers”, some are always on the move.  Almost all like to test their limits.  At this age discipline comes into play, discipline should be firm, loving and consistent.  If it is “no” today it must be “no” tomorrow and the next day.  You need to pick one or two behaviors to modify at a time.  Remember praise if for more valuable than criticism.  Praise every behavior you can.  Redirect behaviors that you can.  Save “no” for naughty or dangerous behaviors. 

Two year olds have to feel wanted and needed.  It is appropriate to begin small chores at this age.  With supervision a two year old may empty a trash basket or place plastic cups from the dishwasher into a low cabinet.  Be sure to PRAISE!  Your child will glow with self esteem

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