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Ringing In the Ears: Neuromonics Treatment

By DuPage Medical Group Otolaryngology

Ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, can be a frustrating and irritating symptom; however, as scientists continue to make breakthroughs in tinnitus treatment, people suffering from ringing in the ears can find relief. The Neuromonics Oasis device is just one path to hearing, and living, better.

The Neuromonics Oasis device, similar to a MP3 player, is specifically programmed for each individual’s hearing loss to provide a spectrally modified neural stimulus embedded within relaxing music tracks. Volume on the device is adjusted to a low level; the intent is not to “listen” to the music but instead to simply provide the desired neural stimulation on a regular basis to encourage the brain’s development of tinnitus filtering abilities. Oasis is worn during the times of day when the tinnitus is perceived to be most bothersome and the patient is encouraged to continue with most daily activities while wearing the device.

For those patients with significant hearing loss that affects daily communication, hearing instruments are likely to also be recommended to address your hearing loss, not your tinnitus. The Neuromonics treatment will only address your tinnitus perception, not your communication difficulties.

Neuromonics treatment is intended for individuals who experience significant tinnitus disturbance with impact on the overall quality of their lives. Often these patients have difficulty falling or staying asleep, difficulty concentrating or relaxing, experience depression related to their tinnitus, or other significant declines in their overall quality of life.

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