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Technology to help take control of your health in a fun, personalized and engaging way

Phone apps to support your health

As we set goals for our health, we often focus on day-to-day healthy habits and lifestyle changes. It takes time to create habits and truly see change. Because of this, it can be easy to give up on daily habits when results are not seen immediately.

Healthy living doesn’t have to be dull or intimidating; there are a variety of digital tools at your fingertips that can help you set and achieve health and wellness goals while tracking your progress along the way. Whether it is healthy eating, catching up on sleep or maintaining mental wellness, digital apps allow you to take control of your health in a fun, personalized and engaging way. 

Learn more about the top health and wellness apps available to you and some of the apps that our physicians recommend to support your healthy lifestyle.

Fitness Tracking
(i.e. MyFitness Pal, Couch to 5K, ACTIVEx, Sworkit)

“Fitness tracking apps can help both motivation and accountability. They allow for sharing of data with friends, and also with well-known athletes. Your data can be kept private if you like, or can even be automatically shared with other social media platforms. I find that sharing my fitness activities with others serves both as a reminder to exercise, and a motivator to go further and faster. 

From a cardiologist perspective, I find that fitness apps can help maintain a healthy lifestyle, by tracking exercise and caloric intake. Moreover, apps that utilize heart rate can help identify abnormal heart rates and rhythms.”


(ex. Headspace, Calm, MINDBODY)

“Using an app for mindfulness, meditation and relaxation can encourage someone to think critically and positively. This produces benefits such as improved focus and mood while reducing stress and anger.”


Sleep Tracking
(i.e. Sleep Cycle, Pillow, Sleep Better)

“Many smart phone apps and wearable technology can monitor aspects of sleep. Typically, they track movement, heart rate, noise (i.e. snoring) or other biometric data points to determine quantity and quality of sleep. They are generally accurate in determining the amount of sleep interruptions that may occur during the night, as well length of time in bed. If these data points fall outside of a predetermined norm, the apps may recommend focusing on your quality and quantity of sleep. If your sleep patterns consistently fall outside the norm, medical evaluation may be recommended to rule out common conditions such as OSA, RLS/PLMD or insomnia as the etiology of the problem. 

One of the most common findings with patients’ sleep data is how under-slept the general population is.  Common averages of sleep time reported ranges between 4-6 hours of sleep each night. This is far below the recommended sleep time of 7-8 hours per night for most adults.”


Period & Ovulation Tracking
(i.e. Flo, Glow, Clue, Eve)

“Period and Ovulation tracker apps can be a great low-cost--and many times free--resource to help women conceive more quickly, aid in diagnosis of menstrual irregularities and anticipate when to expect their periods. They have been very helpful in office for me to work together with patients to help gather information in order to reach a diagnosis.”


Food & Calorie Tracking
(i.e. MyFitnessPal, Calorie King, Noom Coach)

“Calorie/diet tracking apps are a great way to track your daily eating and exercise habits in an easy and efficient way and utilizing the benefits of these resources can have a significant positive impact on your health.”


Technology provides us with the tools to improve our work, social connections and even education, so why not our health? Digital tools offer new outlets for health and wellness and can empower users to make healthy lifestyle changes how they see fit.  Explore your app store today to see what tools you can access on your smartphone or computer.

To learn more about setting and achieving health goals and how you can incorporate digital health and wellness tools into your routine, schedule an appointment with a primary care provider.

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