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Torticollis - "Twisted Neck"

Torticollis means "twisted neck," and if a child has this condition, their head will be tilted to one side while the chin is turned to the other side. It's also sometimes called wryneck. While it may look painful, it usually isn't.

You'll probably notice that your baby holds their head to one side and has limited neck movement. Another telltale sign is a small bump on the side of her neck.

Both boys and girls get all types of torticollis. Muscular torticollis happens more often if babies are crowded while developing in their mother's womb.

Correct positioning is important, and most pediatricians recommend parents reposition baby's head every 2–3 hours during waking hours. (At feeding time, diaper changes, while baby sleeps, etc.) Tummy Time allow baby to strengthen neck muscles.

Treating torticollis that is present at birth involves stretching the shortened neck muscle. Passive stretching and positioning are used in infants and small children. These treatments are often successful, especially if they are started within 3 months of birth. 

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