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By DuPage Medical Group Radiology

Ultrasound imaging uses high frequency sound waves to obtain images and functional ability of anatomical structures. Ultrasound is often used to evaluate internal organs and can also be a means to guide physicians while performing biopsies. It is a safe and painless exam.

The imaging will be done while you lay on your back on a table. Technologists will apply a gel substance to the area being imaged and move a transducer across the area of interest. Varying amounts of pressure may be needed. 

In preparation for your study, you may be required to drink water. Our trained schedulers will notify you of any preparation necessary for your study. This procedure will take 15-30 minutes. Upon completion of the exam, you may go about your normal activity and diet. Your exam will be read by our Radiologist and a diagnostic medical report will be sent to your referring physician. 

To schedule an exam, or if you have any questions prior to your exam, please call Radiology at 630-545-7880.  

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