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What Are Breast Calcifications?

By Dr. Erwin Thimm

Sometimes as women get older, small spots of calcium can be found in the breast. These calcium deposits can be seen on a mammogram and show up as bright white spots, but they are too small to be felt during a routine breast exam. Breast calcifications are very common and can be found in about 50% of mammograms in women ages 50 and older. Despite common belief, calcium from your diet does not cause breast calcifications. A number of factors can cause breast calcifications to occur including aging, inflammation and past trauma to the breast tissue.

Many times breast calcifications are harmless; however certain types of breast calcifications may suggest early breast cancer.

Listen as Dr. Erwin Thimm, radiologist with DuPage Medical Group, talks about breast calcifications and what happens if calcifications are found on your mammogram.

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