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What Did You Say? About Sleep Talking

By DuPage Medical Group Sleep Medicine

Ever heard someone carry a conversation in the middle of the night? Maybe they tell a funny story or ask strange questions; maybe they don’t even say real words and they just make noise. Ever wonder why this happens? Take a look below to learn about sleep talking.

What is sleep talking?

Sleep talking is just what it sounds like—someone who is sleeping that talks in his/her sleep. Sometimes the person will have full conversations while other times they may mumble or speak gibberish.

Why does sleep talking happen?

There are numerous reasons why sleep talking happens. Stress, depression, fever, daytime drowsiness, sleep deprivation, and alcohol could all potentially lead to sleep talking. In some cases, sleep talking can run in families. Sleep talking also seems to occur with other sleep conditions such as nightmares, waking up confused, sleep apnea, and REM sleep behavior disorder. Also, sleep talking usually occurs in men and children, but can affect anyone.

What are treatments for sleep talking?

Generally, sleep talking does not require treatment. In some cases, if you find that sleep talking is a nightly disturbance to a roommate or bed partner, contact your doctor to see what can be done. Often, practicing good sleep hygiene practices—going to bed at a regular time and getting adequate sleep—avoiding alcohol and heavy meals, and reducing stress can help reduce the likelihood of a sleep talking episode. 

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