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By DuPage Medical Group Radiology

Computerized Axial Tomography, otherwise known as CT, is a piece of equipment that uses ionizing radiation to produce cross sectional images of the body. These images have three dimensional capabilities to allow the radiologist to better visualize your anatomy. 

CT technology has greatly improved over the years allowing technologists to obtain greater image quality with much less radiation dose to the patient. DMG has invested in special software which significantly reduces radiation to our patients.  

Our high resolution scanners also have increased speed allowing for less time on the table for your exam. Most CT scans can be completed in as little as 5-10 minutes. Newer CT scanners have wider openings, heavier weight limits and increased comfort for the patient than in years past.  

During some exams, you may be required to receive an injection of contrast dye into your vein. This injection is required when your physician and our radiologist feel that it would provide necessary information for your diagnosis. Additionally, you may also have to drink oral contrast for some abdominal and pelvic imaging.  Our trained schedulers will alert you should the need for any type of contrast be necessary. Following your procedure, you may resume your normal activity and diet. In some situations where a contrast dye was used, the technologist may encourage you to drink extra fluids. 

To schedule an exam, or if you have any questions prior to your exam, please call Radiology at 630-545-7880.  


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