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X-ray uses a small dose of ionizing radiation to visualize internal parts of the body including bone. During your procedure, you may be on an exam table, seated or standing. The technologist will move you into various positions to obtain your images. These exams can be completed in as little as 5 to 15 minutes. 

DuPage Medical Group has invested in the newest Digital Radiography which reduces radiation dose to patients by as much as 50%. This technology has also reduced the need for repeat images since the pictures can be modified by a computer following your exam. There is typically no preparation for X-ray exams.  Wearing comfortable clothing free of metal is preferred. Patients who are pregnant must notify our scheduling team and technologist. DMG radiologists, along with your physician, will determine the best imaging plan for you.

Fluoroscopy also utilizes ionizing radiation but is different from traditional X-ray as it provides real time imaging of your body. This technology is often used during arthrography or gastrointestinal imaging where Radiologists need to visualize activity and anatomy in a real time format. Patients may resume normal activity and diet after having X-ray or fluoroscopy exams. 

To schedule your test, or if you have any questions prior to your exam, please call Radiology at 630-545-7880.  


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