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Radiology imaging is a critical component of healthcare used as a tool in medicine to show parts of the body. But have you ever wondered why your physician referred you for a CT scan instead of an MRI, or what Nuclear Medicine is used for?
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By Hal Kipfer, MD
Did you know that your breast is given a density score of A, B, C, or D? Knowing your breast density score is an important part of managing your breast health and understanding your overall risk of developing breast cancer.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in males, affecting approximately 1 in 7 men. In fact, the American Cancer Society estimates that in 2017, more than 161,000 new cases will be diagnosed. Because it is such a common and potentially fatal disease, early detection and prompt treatment is critical. MRI exams are currently the best non-invasive tool for more accurate detection of prostate cancer and assist in the development of the appropriate treatment plan. DMG’s Radiologists explain why MRI’s are a preferred screening option for prostate cancer.
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By DuPage Medical Group Radiology
For many women, getting a mammogram can be nerve-wracking. Getting called back for additional testing can cause even more anxiety. However, it is important to remember that most women who are called back do not have breast cancer, and most women are happy to get the additional testing to be sure.
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What to expect when a fine needle aspiration biopsy has been ordered.

By DuPage Medical Group Radiology
Having a “joint X-ray”? Here is what you need to know.
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By DuPage Medical Group Radiology
Ever been called back after a mammogram? Find out the reasons why and what happens next.

By DuPage Medical Group Radiology
Learn what makes a wide bore MRI a better option for many patients.
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By DuPage Medical Group Radiology
Having an imaging study with contrast? Find out if you may need special medication before your study.
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By DuPage Medical Group Radiology
Have you recently scheduled your 20-week pregnancy ultrasound? Learn what happens prior to and during your ultrasound.
Topics and Subtopics: Pregnancy, Radiology & Women's Health

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