Sleep disorders can range from the inability to fall or stay asleep, to disturbed sleep, to problems with staying awake and alert with the proper amount of sleep. Sleep disorders are most often caused by stress and is a way for your body to tell you that something else is wrong.

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By Gregory Wallin, MD
When it comes to sleep, quality and quantity is everything. Getting a good night of sleep is a great way to refresh and restore your body, playing a vital role in promoting good health. However, whether from hectic schedules, our need for caffeine or late night TV, getting a good night of sleep is not always as easy as it sounds. In order to make a proper night of sleep a regular occurrence, it is important to be aware of what your body needs and to practice healthy habits that will alleviate feelings of fatigue.

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We often attribute things like difficulty sleeping or headaches to our busy schedules and the demands of everyday life. Stress, especially prolonged periods of stress, may be to blame and can have very real impact on your health.

By DuPage Medical Group Primary Care
A large emphasis is placed on what we eat; however, water is the most important thing you consume each day. Staying hydrated is essential to maintaining good health, which can be challenging, especially during warmer weather or with increased activity levels.

By DuPage Medical Group Sleep Medicine
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By David Wolraich, MD
According to the American Sleep Association, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) impacts roughly 25 million adults in the US. The standard treatment for this breathing disorder is to wear a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask during sleep, which forces air into the nose and mouth to overcome the obstruction in the airway. However, many people find it difficult to sleep with a CPAP mask and therefore don’t comply with treatment recommendations. For those unable to tolerate the CPAP, alternative treatment solutions have typically been weight loss, oral appliances or surgery.

By DuPage Medical Group Sleep Medicine
Whether you travel regularly or are planning a long-overdue vacation, no one wants to be sidelined by jet lag. While you may not be able to eliminate jet lag altogether, with the help of these simple tricks, you can minimize the impact jet lag has on both your body and your trip.
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By Dr. Boettcher
Children can develop good sleep habits and can overcome common sleep problems. View our infographic for guidance to help prevent and/or address common sleep issues that arise throughout parenting.
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By DuPage Medical Group Sleep Medicine
Don’t let the time change get you down. Follow our tips for better sleep and healthy transition with Daylight Saving Time.
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By DuPage Medical Group Sleep Medicine
Ever wondered why someone talks in their sleep?
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