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Carie Pace, PT, CLT

Philosophy of Care

I enjoy working with a variety of patients and with years of experience, I know that for the best outcomes to occur in physical therapy, the treatments must go beyond just the appointment visit. I enjoy getting to know my patients and developing treatment plans that work with their lifestyles. I recommend exercise and minor changes in behavior that can realistically fit with a patients’ everyday life to promote and empower physical well-being long after therapy is completed.

  • General


    • Cancer Rehabilitation
    • Lymphedema Treatment
    • Pelvic Health
    • General Physical Therapy


    • Certified Lymphedema Therapist
    • Physical Therapy

    Accepts both children and adults


    • English

    Lymphedema: Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT). Oncology: Breast cancer Rehab. Women's health: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, incontinence, pre/post natal, Biofeedback for pelvic floor. Orthopaedic/sports and post surgical patients. Myofascial release and Muscle energy techniques.

  • Education

    School University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Graduation Date 05/1984
    Degree B.S.

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