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DMG Surgeon Uses Robotic Surgery for Rare Kidney Condition

January 9, 2017
Recently, DuPage Medical Group urologist Dr. Ranko Miocinovic became one of the first U.S. surgeons to use a robotic system in treating a rare and potentially life-threatening condition of blood clotting, known as a thrombus, which can result from kidney cancer and requires complex and challenging surgery to remove. On May 3, 2016, Dr. Miocinovic successfully performed the surgical procedure using the da Vinci robotic system at Edward Hospital in Naperville to remove a thrombus, making his achievement a significant contribution to medical advancement that offers new hope for those who experience the condition.
Robotic surgery is much less invasive than the traditional treatment, which involves separating the kidney from other organs, having the affected vein opened and the clotted cancer tissue removed, then having the open vein reconstructed. Now, through the da Vinci technology, one of the most advanced surgical systems available, physicians are able to insert miniature instruments and a tiny high-definition 3-D camera through small incisions. Enhanced magnification helps the surgeon see the small vessels on a monitor and, when coupled with the use of flexible robotic 'wrists’, gives the physician greater precision to operate by enacting commands from a control panel.
“Since we can reach the organ without opening the patient’s body, there is much less risk of procedural complications,” says Dr. Miocinovic. “This is a truly forward-looking innovation for treatment of this type.”
To date, only nine academic medical centers in the country have published that they have done the radical nephrectomy with vena cava tumor thrombectomy robotically, involving a total of 33 patients. For information on the expertise of Dr. Miocinovic and the physicians of DMG, visit www.DuPageMedicalGroup.com. 
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