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DuPage Medical Group Offers Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

August 24, 2016
NAPERVILLE, Ill. – In recognition of prostate cancer awareness month in September, DuPage Medical Group, the largest independent, multi-specialty physician group in the Chicago area, reminds men to speak with their doctors about prostate cancer screenings and early detection. For men diagnosed with prostate cancer, DMG offers several forms of advanced, minimally invasive treatments including salvage cryotherapy and minimally invasive, robotic surgery. 

Salvage cryotherapy is a treatment option for men suffering from recurring prostate cancer who have previously undergone radiation. Also known as cryosurgery or cryoablation, cold gasses are used to freeze and destroy the cancerous cells in the prostate while doing little damage to nearby tissue. The benefits of this treatment are minimal pain and blood loss, and there is low occurrence of incontinence. After a brief recovery, patients can resume normal activities. DMG physician Dr. Amit Patel, sub-specialized in oncologic urology, is currently the only physician in the western suburbs performing salvage cryotherapy for prostate treatment.

“Patients faced with prostate cancer should understand all of their treatment options and salvage cryotherapy is one option that deserves more awareness,” says Dr. Patel. “This is a viable and impactful outpatient alternative that more men should consider.”

Each patient responds differently to salvage prostate cryotherapy. For a few days following the procedure, patients generally experience temporary swelling, soreness or discomfort in or around the scrotum or penis. Some may also experience blood in their urine for a few days after the procedure. Other side effects may include loss of urinary control, injury to the rectum and loss of sexual function. 

DMG physicians Dr. Ranko Miocinovic, along with Dr. Patel, both have access to leading edge surgical equipment, such as the Da Vinci Xi system, to perform minimally invasive robotic procedures for prostate cancer. Controlled by a surgeon in real time, the robotic arm can bend and rotate medical instruments greater than a human hand. Used in combination with a high-definition and three-dimensional imaging system, the Da Vinci Xi system gives surgeons enhanced vision, precision and control in performing prostatectomies. 

“We’re proud to be among the few physicians in the Chicago area to offer such innovative treatment options for prostate cancer,” says Dr. Ranko Miocinovic, DMG sub-specialized oncologic urologist. “These effective treatments are great options for men who prefer minimally invasive procedures.”

To learn more about DMG’s prostate cancer treatment options, patients should visit DMG’s website or call 630-790-1221 to schedule an appointment. Patients can also visit the online profiles of Dr. Patel or Dr. Miocinovic to schedule a consultation.

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