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DuPage Medical Group Physician Offers Leading Surgery Technique to Treat Pilonidal Condition

March 27, 2017
DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. —DuPage Medical Group surgeon, Dr. Marc Brand, is one of a few highly trained surgeons offering the minimally invasive Cleft-Lift procedure in Illinois. Brand has been performing this surgical technique since August of 2005, and recently joined DuPage Medical Group. This procedure treats a common painful skin condition known as pilonidal disease. 
Patients with pilonidal disease develop a cyst, usually above the buttocks over the tailbone, though it can occur in other areas of the body. Symptoms of pain and swelling may be followed by periods of improvement then recurrence. Pilonidal patients tend to be younger, ranging between the ages of 15-35.
With the outpatient Cleft-Lift procedure, Brand reshapes the intergluteal cleft which is the most common area impacted by this condition. Surgery typically takes less than two hours to complete. The fully closed wound does not need to be packed or left open as with traditional surgical solutions. 
This specialized surgical technique is unique and highly desirable solution for patients dealing with this condition as it touts a two week recovery time, with some restrictions for six weeks, compared to traditional procedures that can require upwards of eight weeks of recovery.
“Pilonidal cysts are very painful, and they can affect patients’ quality of life,” says Brand. “The Cleft-Lift procedure represents a real breakthrough that offers relief and a fraction of the recovery time other surgical techniques can require.”
Dr. Brand currently sees patients in Glen Ellyn and Lisle. To find out if this solution is right for you, schedule a consultation online by visiting Dr. Brand’s online profile or by calling (630) 790-1700. 
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