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DuPage Medical Group Urologist Uses Advanced Robotic Technology to Remove Complex Kidney Tumor

September 26, 2017

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill.— DuPage Medical Group’s Dr. Ranko Miocinovic recently performed the successful removal of a patient’s complex tumor using advanced da Vinci robotic technology at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital.

After receiving news from multiple surgeons that her condition could only be treated through an open surgical procedure, patient Patti DeNichols consulted Dr. Miocinovic to discuss minimally invasive treatment options for a football-sized kidney tumor.

“I've been very involved in crossfit since 2012, and that's where my passion is,” says DeNichols. “I was actually back to crossfit six weeks after surgery, and it wouldn't have happened if Dr. Miocinovic hadn't been successful in doing my surgery laproscopically. He was the only surgeon willing to give it a try with a tumor as large as mine, and I will be forever grateful for his courage and his skillful ability.”

Upon careful examination of the patient’s 16.2 cm by 12.2 cm by 10 cm tumor, Dr. Miocinovic strategized how to remove the mass without performing the traditional surgery method of cutting through the 59-year-old marathon runner’s stomach muscles, which would result in a lengthy and painful recovery. With the goal of minimizing scarring and shortening the patient’s recovery time, Miocinovic opted to perform the surgery with da Vinci Robotic Surgical System.

The da Vinci allows trained physicians to perform minimally invasive surgeries by inserting miniature instruments and a 3D high-definition camera robotically through small incisions, allowing for better accuracy, greater precision and a quicker recovery with a decreased chance in complications.

Not only was Dr. Miocinovic able to perform the surgery laparoscopically, but he also removed the massive tumor and entire right kidney through an incision similar in size to a C-section. This innovative approach provided the patient a smaller and more discreet scar and allowed her to return home only three days later.

“The da Vinci method represents the latest in robotic technologies,” says Dr. Miocinovic. “At DuPage Medical Group, we’re continually working to provide our patients the highest-quality care and best surgical techniques, and we’re pleased that Patti had such a successful surgery and easy recovery.”

Dr. Miocinovic sees patients at multiple locations throughout the suburban Chicago area. To make an appointment, patients can schedule a consultation at DuPageMedicalGroup.com or call 630-790-1221.

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