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Ethan Kosova, MD, MPH

Philosophy of Care

I am committed to providing the best cardiovascular care possible to each of my patients and their families. I strive to deliver individualized medical care that reflects the needs, values and choices of each person. My goal for my patients is to prevent cardiovascular disease whenever possible, and to treat cardiovascular disease aggressively and appropriately when it occurs based on the best standards of care that are available.

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By Ethan Kosova, MD, Eugene Greenstein, MD, Vinay Arora, MD
Due to the hearts complexity and relationship with other organs in your body, there are a variety of cardiologists who specialize in different functions of your cardiac system. Understanding what a specialist does and does not do can help you determine the most appropriate route to take, specific to your heart condition. Our Cardiology physicians discuss their areas of expertise in treating heart conditions.

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By Anthony Peterson, MD, FAAD, Aristides Assimacopoulos, MD, Brian Kadow, MD, Ethan Kosova, MD, Marc Fallah, MD, FAASLD, Matthew Baugh, MD, Paul Signorino, MD, FACS, Shakaib Hayat, DO, Zeeshan Ali, MD
Did you know that men are at an increased risk of developing a variety of health conditions including gout, a hernia or liver disease? During the month of November, in an effort to increase awareness of many of the health conditions that impact men’s health, our team of experts share tips to reduce your risk and stay healthy.

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